Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arigato gozaimasu Smart Group :D

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah, finally done with the examination paper. A nice closing with pus anyway, even x reti cari evaporation rate...tapi the happiness of finishing the exam struggle remains the same. Sungguh nyaman rasanya, yet ada lagi another mission on this 24th for FYP final presentation. Well, today is dedicated to make the slides actually, tp nak updet blog dulu.

Well, last month when people are so busy with job interview, I shared this with my usrati and sahabats. Personally, I am very very thankful sbb involve dgn Smart Group (SG) since entering UTP ni. I had the chance previously to be in one of the SGs and sungguh bersyukur dgn peluang itu. Why? Sbb SG mengajar diri ni mcm2 sgt yg berguna. And I just realized it during those job interviews. You know, interviewers always asked about your achievements, your contributions, how you deal with people, how you adopt with new environment, everything. Well, i got the answer mostly from this intellectual discussion, SG. Ha...surprise kan? Kalau ada yg menyangka SG ni tak delah beneficial sgt, tp to those who really commit in this thing, you'll get the benefits.

Well, different people have different definition of success or achievement. For me, success is when we can produce or help other people to success. And in UTP i got the chance of doing it, through SG. Smart Group consists of few people, which we meet regularly, we discuss about many issues, we share on our experience and the lesson learnt. We usually shared our dreams or our targets. And it is soo exciting when everyone in the group is actually helping us to achieve those goals. To see our sisters achieved their target is the sweetest moment.

Many people are afraid or nervous to talk publicly. So, I polished that in SG as well. Eh, sedar atau tidak, handling SG is not easy. Bermula dengan pertemuan seramai 6-7 org yang tak dikenali, to unite them in a group, to make them talk and share, is not easy kan? Tapi that's what we face. Which at the end, memberi kelebihan kepada kita. We learnt how to adopt with new people with lain-lain background. We learnt how to find the win-win situation in the group. We learnt how to appreaciate the differences and raikan persamaan. That's what people called, SOFT SKILLS and communication skills. Nah, SG lah salah satu medan utk kita train ourselves dlm improving those skills. Kat tmpt lain, xde lah kita nak saja2 pegi bercakap2, berkenal2 dgn org kan. Tp in SG, we did that.

"Do you have any experience of handling people? Or being in a discussion where people are having different ideas to yours, and how do you handle that?"

Ah-ha in SG, I learnt about people management. Yes, there are always times where all of the members have different ideas. semua pun mahu memberi pendapat yang berlainan. Ada yang betul, ada yg salah, ada yang mencuba jaya. But at least it stimulate the thinking kan. And how we handle it to direct all those diverse thinking into one similar direction?? Ha...ketua2 SG sure leh jawab ni...silakan~

It shows your management skills as well. Membahagikan masa di antara belajar dan lead the SG, is not that easy kan. Semua ahli SG ada jadual masing-masing, as kakak/abg in there, we also act as coordinator in scheduling (Project Management pun ada...) the next period for SG. It shows that you're multitasker as well. Kalau nak masuk event-event, yes it also a good way. But we have extra, which is this all-time-SG. There's no time period, nor closing ceremony for this SG. It's on going and it test your commitment very much.

Maaf lah kurang tersusun posting ini, tp the point is - I would like to give a token of appreciation to SG for giving me the chance and platform to gain those great values. Arigato Gozaimasu :D

Monday, November 16, 2009

Final Exam, Job Hunt and .....

Assalamualaikum wbt

Alhamdulillah, dah abih 3 papers - Malaysian Studies, Operations Management dan jugak Engineers in Society. Tinggal lagi 1 paper which is the core one - Plant Utility System on this coming 21st. And then, the most awaiting thing is the FYP presentation. Nervous tapi abis awal okey jugak, boleh la tenang sikit utk berhari raya dan melayari hari2 seterusnya.

Ok, petang ni my shbt dpt kije dah~!!! sooo jealous tapi tumpang hepi juge :) kerja di tmpt intern lamanya dulu. Alhamdulillah, rezeki masing2 kan. Ada jugak org2 lain lagi yg dh dpt kije, good2. Me? Hm, still searching. Doakan ya moga beroleh kerja secepatt yg boleh dan kerja itu yg terbaik buat diri, famili, agama, bangsa dan negara. Amiinn

Today is a pause for me from all the hardworks. Struggle betul utk habiskan 3 paper tersebut sbb sume pun jenis pembacaan. So, mlm ni bertenang dulu, smbil2 buat slide (perhaps) or anything else yg bermanfaat. is updating this blog bermanfaat? i think so :)

Oh yes, baru ni ada yg tnya, "Apa perkara yg dpt or gained from this 5 years in UTP?" Hm...susah jugak to compress all the memories into words kan. Well, there are soooo many things I learnt and gained all these while. Dari foundation 1st up till now, everyday between it has its own memories. Sungguh bersyukur dan gumbira di sini. To list out mmg x abis la mlm ni, so why not wait for another post where I'll share on this matter lebih mendalam sikit lagi?

usrah : antara yg pasti dirindui bila di rumah nanti...

Okey lah, till then, bye bye (^_^)v

Monday, November 2, 2009

i'm worried, but be positive

appear to be positive
act to be positive
xmengapalah, suatu hari dia akan tahu & sedar