Thursday, October 8, 2009

Eh, lagi dua bulan?

Today I had done my final year project poster presentation. Alhamdulillah, it was a long presentation+QNA really. Yet, okey lah jugak kan. After the presentation, lega sungguh because at least one of the listed burden dah berlalu. Yes, i have a long list of work-to-be-done currently. Being a Final year student doesn't promise you a free-daily timetable definitely! Especially when you're chemical engineering final student just like me *coff3*

So, on the way back after the presentation, sungguh berasa teruja bila pikir just having to go on with 2 months only in UTP! Tapi, a minute later, rasa sedih pulak because no-doubt I enjoyed and is enjoying my life in utp sooo much. The people, the occasion, the laughters, everything. So many experiences grabbed and learned here, or in skema-way, "utp byk mengubah saya". so true!

Anyway, these last 4 weeks before exam week harus dimanfaatkan sebaiknya to do all the things in the wishing list yg dibuat sejak2 masuk utp dulu-dulu tu. And also to strive for excellence final gpa of course. Tapi, FYI these 4 weeks gonna be a real crowded dengan pelbagai projects yg menghantui. almost all subjects wanna have projects and presentations. Takpe lah, maybe this hard moment pun hnya utk sementara....after this, pastinya dikenang as kenangan manis. Silap-silap can be boring bila xde wat kije apa2. Bak kata rumet, 2 bulan lagi mulalah mengadu boring sebab xde project fyp, fydp semua~~

Eh okey lah...enough crapping overhere...wishing all of you especially final semester students the very best in this final sem :)

Alright2, actually I'm in my way of doing the kettle reboiler design for fydp. Tapi, boring so melawat2 lah blog yg dh bersawang ini.


zAcK said...

sedih2.. T_T

Hani Sabrina Zulkafli said...

mari enjoy the remaining days ya (^___^)