Saturday, October 10, 2009

the non-stop

Assalamualaikum wbt
Okey, one after another
Done with this one project, there are more in the line waiting to be touched~
oh oh
on the list already:
FYDP equipment design (the most memeningkan)
FYP softbound report - Week 14
Test MS - 13th Oct
EIS project - next week
OM project - next next wekk
FYDP presentation - Week 14
PUS test - next next week
so, what am I doing now in this blog?
Enough2, start working~!!
Just a kind reminder to all,
During this hard/tough time, please never ever forget to put the highest "kebergantungan" kepada Allah because Allah yang memberikan rezeki
Jaga solat
Jaga aurat
Jaga iman
Jaga taqwa
Jaga semua~~
That's all
till we meet again
maybe after all the listed things done..

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