Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My last campus election

Assalamualaikum wbt

Today is an important day to UTP students because we gonna have our Campus Election Day, starting from 9am up to 5pm. All cafes have been provided with Voting Corner by SPR, so friends, please come and vote. It's our responsibility after all.

The fever of this election had been started on last 21st October with the nomination day. I was there at that day to witness the candidates' greatest day. Well, it had been 1 year of not involving in campus election due to internship, so this year is a refresher. I was very excited to see the faces of young leaders handing over their forms and waited for the objection period and finally succeed in having their names listed on the candidates list. Some of them are my juniors, some are just new faces. Even, my close junior, Hanif (the ex-secretary 1 SRCUTP07/08) also was there, as a candidate again! What a "semangat"~!!

Next important stage in election period is the Manifesto night. I was there, again to witness the important night. There were 6 candidates on the stage for General Constitution seat. All of them seemed to be prepared with bunch of friends/supporters. Teringat zaman dulu-dulu, tak lah seramai ini supporternya. It was a good sign anyway - UTP students sudah berminat to take note on SRCUTP Election. On the night, I asked few questions to some candidates, and one of them even dedicated a blog post to answer my question! That was also a good sign that the candidate is very much seriuos of being up there as young leader. Whatever it is, uphold professionalism and integrity okey once any 5 of you won the seat.

And the campaigning part is always the most exciting above all. It was nice to see the supporters moving here and there to promote their candidates. Posters are everywhere, banner also, etc.

source: Hasmadi's blog

Perhaps, today the percentage of students do their voting will be increased from previous years.

All in all, I urge my friends to come and vote to 5 candidates that you believe in. All of them have credibilities, all of them have the good side and the weakness part. Yet, only five seats are available. One has to be leave blank in the voting form. Which one? It's totally up to you.

My vote?
Oh oh....i like 4 and 5
and 1, 2, 3, 6 as well...

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