Monday, August 10, 2009

please please COVER your AURAT

Assalamualaikum wbt

It has been common nowadays to observe Muslimah going out of their house without properly cover their aurat right?

With the hair swinging freely without scarf to cover it, with the tight t-shirt showing the shape of the body, etc etc.

Remember : Common practise is not always the best practise.
especially when the practise is totally againts Allah's commands.

Remember : Death is mysterious & abrupt
so we should prepare for the death always

Remember : All deeds (good/bad) will be counted at Hereafter
so do as much as good things and avoid as much as bad things
what's the good thing? everything allign with Allah's command
what's the bad thing? everything againts Allah's command

What about covering the aurat?
Is it a command from Allah?
Is it Wajib to all Muslims to comply to the command?
Is it the same level of wajib like the command of performing solah and Ramadhan fasting?

If yes, then
please please please cover you aurat

Change before the time's up!

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