Sunday, July 19, 2009

This is the twin :)

Assalamualaikum wbt

Well, some friends asked me bout this new blog, is the Vox blog no longer used or, the answer is - actually hard to put in a word. So, let the next sentence answers the curiousness.

From the EYE of the beholder Vox is my first blog which i love a lot, easy to maintain, easy to update, etc etc. Yet, somebody commented that it was very hard to give comments to each post because you need to log in to Vox first to do so. Therefore, I choose to appreciate the comments given and here we have now - the twin of the Vox blog - of course in Blogger version :)

So, hope everyone can enjoy them. Choose any of those. And let us keep on reading and supporting each others ok :)

The snapshot of the Volume 1 : From the eye of the beholder

just a small note overhere:
tomorrow will be the first day of my final sem in UTP insyaAllah. So do to the other batchmates. Wish all of you the very best in this semester okies
Set the Niat correctly and sustain it along the way
Strive for excellent wisely :)

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Nuriman said...

btol2, vox leceh nak komen